18650 insulating rings
18650 insulating rings
18650 insulating rings

18650 insulating rings

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18650s are popular lithium ion batteries, and there's a worldwide movement to re-use them and prevent them ending up in landfills. As part of this re-use, some people choose to rewrap their cells as the original wrapping is often damaged when taking apart batteries. It's vital that 18650 cells have insulating rings on the positive end, otherwise they are easy to short out which could result in a battery fire.

These insulating rings are the perfect size for most 18650 cells, and in combination with new heat shrink sleeves can make old cells look almost brand new (and much safer). They come in sheets of 100 rings, with an adhesive backing. This is less than 5 cents each!

The adhesive backed sheets make them easy to peel off and stick on the end of a cell. You don't have to worry about holding them in place until you put on and heat up the heat shrink tubing. Just stick them on and away you go.


Compatible with all standard 18650 cells

Included is 1 sheet of 100 insulating rings with adhesive backing

0.3mm thick plastic material

Usage Tips

Remove all previous cell wrapping and insulating rings. Remove an insulating ring from the sheet and stick on the centre of the positive end of the 18650 cell. Rewrap the cell with your favourite colour of heat shrink and you now have a much nicer looking and safer 18650 cell.

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