5v fan 5cm x 1cm
5v fan 5cm x 1cm

5v fan 5cm x 1cm

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These handy little fans run off 5v and move a decent amount of air. They're perfect for cooling lots of things such as stepper drivers, power supplies, or mosfets. These fans are very quiet and are therefore suitable for use in situations like desktop projects, etc.


Dimensions: 50mmx10mm

Ultra Quiet

Usage Tips

Apply 5v to the fan wires (red is positive) and the fan will turn on, that's it! You can use bolts or screws to attach the fan to whatever needs cooling.

We recommend that your 3D print or laser cut a fan cover as the blades are easily damaged by objects when the fan is running. There is an awesome customisable fan cover on thingiverse (link here) that has different sizes and patterns. We recommend you download and print one of these out for use with these fans.

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