IKEA Lightswitch Plate for Australia and New Zealand [Download Only]
IKEA Lightswitch Plate for Australia and New Zealand [Download Only]

IKEA Lightswitch Plate for Australia and New Zealand [Download Only]

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This is a digital download only. If you want a physical 3D printed version, please check out this product here.

What is it?

This custom designed 3D printable model, allows you to turn your IKEA Tradfri dimmer switch or shortcut button into a light switch! Our IKEA Lightswitch Plate fits over the top of a standard Australian or New Zealand light switch to make sure it doesn't get accidentally switched off. It then has a cutout on the top where you can mount the IKEA Tradfri base plate.

Why did we make it?

We're smart home enthusiast and love automating the heck out of everything. One problem with smart bulbs though, is how do you turn them on / off as you enter / leave a room? It's much less convenient to have to get your phone out or talk to your virtual assistant (like Siri/Google Assistant) when you're standing right next to a light switch!

We love the IKEA dimmer switches and shortcut buttons, so thought we'd replace our normal light switches with them. This means you can use your virtual assistant, phone, or a light switch to control your lights - the ultimate in convenience!

What makes it special?

We've designed the model to snugly fit the Tradfri dimmer switches and short cut buttons. They have a hollowed out channel underneath that fits over the top of light switches, and are perfectly sized to fit on top of, or next to, standard Australian or New Zealand light switches.


By purchasing this digital download, you are issued with a limited license for non commercial use only. You are prohibited from redistributing the downloaded material in any way, and you are not allowed to sell or give away copies of anything produced from the material (such as 3D printed objects). You must purchase a separate license for each person you wish to 3D print this model for. You may 3D print unlimited copies for your own personal use.

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