Power Blocker (USB C to A)
Power Blocker (USB C to A)

Power Blocker (USB C to A)

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What is it?

Do you want to buy a USB power blocker for your 3D printer? This product is for you! This simple inline adapter plugs into any standard USB C cable and blocks the 5v power signal from reaching the other side. Use it on a 3D printer, CNC machine, or your custom Arduino and ESP8266 or ESP32 projects!

This is a great alternative to the Power BLough-R (aka Power Bloughr by Brian Lough) for our customers based in Australia and New Zealand, as international shipping tends to be very slow and expensive. This version also adds a USB C port!

Why did we make it?

Various USB devices may be plugged into your computer or raspberry pi all the time. Sometimes you don't want these devices to receive power via USB. Why? You may want the power light or screen to only come on hen the device is turned on. You also may only want to use USB for communications, and not for powering your project.



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