Gasket cord
Gasket cord

Gasket cord

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Ever wondered how to weatherproof your 3D printed enclosures? Gasket cord allows you to seal the contents of your 3D printed enclosure from the elements. This high density foam creates a tight seal around the edge of your enclosure when used correctly.

Waterproofing (or weather proofing) your 3D printed enclosures may seem daunting, but it's actually pretty easy! Just follow our usage tips below, and after a little experimentation you'll have waterproof 3D printed enclosures in no time!


This gasket cord is 2mm in diameter.

Sold in a continuous length of however many metres you order.

Usage Tips

Design a channel 2mm in width and 1.5mm in height around the edge of your opening. The other side of the enclosure (usually the lid) should have a ~1.5mm thick and ~1mm tall protrusion that follows the centre of the channel. You may have to tweak these measurements to allow for tolerances in your specific 3D printer.

To install the gasket cord, press it firmly into the channel all the way around. When you get to the end, cut it 1-3mm short. It's a little stretchy so you can stretch it slightly so that it becomes the perfect length and leaves no gaps.

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