Heat set thread inserts (10 Pack)
Heat set thread inserts (10 Pack)

Heat set thread inserts (10 Pack)

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How do you screw together a 3D printed part? With heat set inserts! These are a must have for 3D printing projects. They allow you to use a soldering iron or hot air gun to "set" these inserts into your printed parts, giving them high strength threads for screws or bolts. These are great for making brackets, enclosures, and all sorts of other things. They allow you to make nice, clean enclosures with screw holes on only a single side.

Sold in handy packs of 10, you can buy some to have on hand for your next 3D printed part that requires screws or bolts.


Pack of 10 inserts

Suits M2 or M3 bolts

Height: 5mm

Outer Diameter: 5mm (M3), 4mm (M2)

Usage tips

We recommend that you purchase a proper heat set insert tip like this one. If you can't justify the price, a soldering iron tip or hot air gun works to heat them up, but it's more difficult to get nice level inserts.

Heat your soldering iron up to around the same temperature that you used to print your part. We want to soften the plastic, not melt or burn it! Put the heated insert on the end of the insert tip and slowly push it into the plastic. Pay attention and make sure it's level/flat. If you're using a soldering iron or hot air gun, heat up the insert with the bolt/screw attached, and use pliers to push it in.

We recommend designing insert holes with at least 2mm of space behind the insert, and with a hole diameter of around 4mm (for M3 inserts) or 3mm (for M2 inserts). You may need to experiment with your exact printer setup for the best results and may need to increase or decrease this for maximum strength.

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