kCharge D8 - 8 slot 18650 battery tester
kCharge D8 - 8 slot 18650 battery tester

kCharge D8 - 8 slot 18650 battery tester

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What is it?

The jCharge D8 offers the following features for ultimate convenience for testing and cataloging 18650 cells:

  • Built in WiFi with mobile app (pc server software required)
  • Supports iOS / Android, and Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • 8 testing slots
  • Discharge only (see the DC8 for charge too)
  • 0.1-2A configurable discharge current per slot
  • Up to 2A discharge on all 8 slots at the same time
  • USB C connector for power
  • Individual cell temperature, current and voltage monitoring
  • Individual status LEDs

Why did we make it?

We need to process over 1,000 recycled 18650 cells for our electric motorcycle conversion project. To do so, we designed the kCharge suite of hardware and software for ultimate convenience.

What makes it special?

We've designed the hardware and software to work together seamlessly with the most efficient possible workflow. The high discharge rate (2A on all slots simultaneously!) and optimised workflow means you can spend more time on your projects, and less time processing battery cells!

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