WS2812 Friend
WS2812 Friend
WS2812 Friend

WS2812 Friend

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What is it?

The WS2812 Friend has everything necessary to reliably run WS2812 addressable LED strips. It's compatible with WLED out of the box if you want awesome patterns or want to use the WLED mobile app. Your WS2812 Friend can drive up to 30 LEDs set to white at full brightness, or over 100 if you drop the brightness a little (usually not noticeable!) and avoid using white.

Why did we make it?

WS2812 LEDs are great for projects, but they're a little difficult to drive from an ESP32 as they require a 5v data line. You also need a beefy 5v power supply, and it's a bit of a mess to hook everything up. WS2812 Friend puts everything you need on a tiny 5x6cm PCB, and includes a USB C port for easy firmware updates.

What makes it special?

WS2812 Friend has a built in 5v 2A power supply, meaning you can plug in any 7-24v battery, power brick, or other source of power and WS2812 Friend does the rest. It also has a logic level converter built in so it can drive WS2812 strips at 5v for super reliable operation (goodbye flickering and random glitches!). If you want to use WS2812 Friend with other projects, we've also broken out the 5v/3v power rails, and RX/TX lines into separate headers.

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